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European: Aerie Peak (PvE)
Welcome to the Aperture Science Guild homepage. Aperture Science is a social raiding guild on Aerie Peak EU aiming to raid new content in the coming Cataclysm expansion. We are currently raiding heroic ICC 10 and Ruby Sanctum and working on Lich King.
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4 Raids Per Week

pamziaw, Nov 1, 10 5:02 AM.

Until the expansion we will be raiding 4 raids per week so we can have a hack at the Glory of the Icecrown Raider achievement. All the scheduled raids till the expansion are now up on the calendar. When the expansion hits we will no longer be raiding lvl 80 raids and focussing on 85 content only so the scheduled raids are the last opportunity to get everything from WOTLK done.

Halion 2 shotted

pamziaw, Oct 31, 10 5:49 PM.
So this week was a good raiding week. Four heroics done in ICC 10 and Halion downed in 2 attempts!

WOOHOO and grats to everyone who helped! So happy with our progress this week. We are now on the realm ranking list. 

Heroic ICC has begun

pamziaw, Oct 28, 10 6:16 PM.
Tonight saw the first real attempts on heroic bosses in ICC. Four bosses were killed with a 5th nearly to follow if we had had more time. Thanks to everyone who came and we will now be powering through ICC heroic.

Eleven bosses in 2 days

pamziaw, Oct 23, 10 5:48 PM.

Thanks to the guild members who raided tonight and sealed the fate of Sindragosa! I am so pleased with the progress of the guild :) Awesome work!

Tuesday we go in to spend a whole raid on the lich king so spend some time reading up on the tactic and lets get him down also.

Guild first ICC 10 run

pamziaw, Oct 22, 10 7:09 PM.
Thanks to everyone who came on the raid tonight. We downed 7 bosses in 3 hours with a team which contained some members undergeared and who had not been to ICC before. You all did an amazing job and I'm totally happy with the progress we got tonight. 

We will be going back in tomorrow to do professor P, princes and the blood queen. If we do all 3 we will go for sindy as well and then if she goes down we will prepare for a LK raid on tuesday.
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